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Founded over a century ago, Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt. Ltd. was an early member of the Bombay Stock Exchange. The firm has had its Head Office in Fort, the historic centre of Mumbai, throughout its existence. In recent years the firm has also acquired National Stock Exchange membership and opened branch offices in several major cities of India.


B&K's service offerings have always been focused on Institutional and Corporate investors. The firm's broking activities are research-driven and run on a pure agency basis in the best interest of clients. The firm's investment banking activities are run entirely separately and focused on delivery of expert advice and, where appropriate, investment in Indian companies.


B&K employs some 300 people in India. The equity research group of more than 90 people is the largest single component of our team. Our research analysts are typically MBA's properly trained in the unusual features of Indian business as well as the disciplines of investment research. Other staff have extensive experience of international, as well as Indian, financial markets.

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